CMS Wound Closure Strips 4mm x 38mm (x8)

Wound Closure Strips 4mm x 38mm (x8)

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These wound closure strips are perfect for closing any small or large wound. These wound closure strips are sterile and will help keep the wound clean.

  • Sterile, flexible reinforced wound closure strips
  • 4mm wide by 38mm long – these come in separate sterile packets that contain 10 strips per packet
  • Fast & effective wound closure with fantastic results
  • Each strip stays securely in place, even when wet
  • Low allergy and easy to remove
  • Suitable for cuts, lacerations and surgical incisions
  • CE Certified

What types of wounds are they used on?

These can be used on small and long cuts that need more support and are deeper or bleeding more profusely than a minor wound. In the case of animal bites, deep or puncture wounds, serious burns, and infected wounds always consult a doctor before applying the skin closure strips. Skin closure strips are not to be used over large areas of the body, or near the eyes. In medical emergencies always consult a doctor first.