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Salmon Oil

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OurSalmon oil contains all the natural nutrients found in fresh and raw salmon. Our Salmon oil is a good reliable source of phospholipids, Vitamin A, D, E and K and astaxanthin.

Contains 90 x 1000mg capsules

Our Salmon Oil contains 100% natural, fresh and pure fish oil produced in the northern part of Norway. We can guarantee the freshest omega-3 supplement on the market today by using one of the best raw materials: Norwegian salmon.

Is all  Salmon oil coming from Norway? Well – NO!

Did you think that all fish oil in Norwegian omega-3 products are made from Norwegian fish? Not true! Most “Norwegian” Omega-3 products use fish oil from South America. The fish may not be processed for days after it is caught. The raw oil that is extracted may be stored for up to two years before being used. The result is raw material that is useless before it is refined. In consequence it has to be cleaned and heat-treated and chemicals are used to eliminate smell and taste. Furthermore, the oil is also often artificially concentrated, so that the omega-3 molecule is altered. The result is an oil that lacks several of the natural fatty acids, as well as vitamins and antioxidants. The northern part of Norway is close to the North Atlantic, and the cold, clear waters of the arctic.

Wild Ocean = Good quality Salmon!

Here, far north of the Arctic Circle, in the wild and beautiful Vesterålen, you will find Nordlaks; the manufacturers of the raw material that is used in our Salmon Oil. Fresh Arctic seawater, strong ocean currents and low water temperatures create the ideal conditions for Nordlaks’ raw material: Salmon.

Nordlaks’ focus is the welfare of the fish and a clean environment. They do care about the balanced number of fish, the correct feeding and the correct frequency. In addition they checks if all the fish are healthy. Finally, they are monitoring the fresh fish to be sure they contain the right amount of omega-3 without any environmental toxins. Our Salmon oil is pure fish oil produced in a protected atmosphere only one hour after the Salmon are pulled out of the water. The entire process is carried out in a protected atmosphere and without the use of heat to avoid oxidation. Probably the simplest test to highlight the freshness of the oil is to bite into the capsule and you will experience the taste of fresh salmon. We are sure you will taste the difference!

On the end – the top priority at Nordlaks is traceability. We can trace the oil all the way back to the “parent fish”. This is why our Salmon oil is the first fish oil product on the market with 100% traceability at all stages! Finally it is not chemically processed or artificially concentrated.