Reumex Curcumin

Reumex Curcumin

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60 Capsules per Box

 Award Winning Longvida® Optimized Curcumin is proven to be 65 times more bio-available than regular Curcumin.


Reumex Curcumin is the result of many years of scientific research conducted in Norway on specially selected natural ingredients. There are three main ingredients, Award Winning Longvida Curcumin, Camelina Oil and Undenatured Collagen II. Furthermore we added Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and Bioperine to enhance absorption.

We created a natural product of exceptional quality and strength. Reumex is safe, natural and does not have any side effects. Reumex is a highly advanced natural food supplement. Almost five thousand published studies prove Curcumin is especially relevant for good health.

You can easily get this nutritional power and effectiveness into your hand! Let’s make goof health a habit!

Reumex Curcumin contains Award Winning Longvida Curcumin

Over a dozen published studies and clinical trials have been performed using Longvida® Curcumin. After many years and trials we developed a wonderful product which works 65 times quicker compared to regular Curcumin. Consequently you may feel significant results in just 30 days.

Up to 45% Omega 3 Fatty Acids

We added Camelina oil because its seed contains an exceptional amount (up to 45%) of Omega-3 fatty acids. Camelina oil is an excellent source of heart-healthy fats and powerful antioxidants. To complete our final product we added Undenatured Collagen II due to its confirmed value in optimum joint health.


Ingredients of Reumex:

Camelina Sativa Oil 960mg – of which Linoleic acid 190mg

Longvida optimized Curcumin 100mg – of which Curcumin 23mg

Undernatured Collagen II 40mg

Vitamin C 80mg

BioPerine 5mg

Vitamin D3 5mcg

Fast Results

Because of this perfect combination and balance of ingredients Reumex Curcumin performs exceptionally well. Many people feel the positive effect after only 3 to 4 weeks of taking Reumex. This further illustrates the incredible natural power and bio-availability of Reumex. Finally, Reumex is safe and natural. The daily dosage is just 2 capsules and they are easy to swallow.

Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of cartilage and bones.

Vitamin D3  contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function and bones.

BioPerine increases the absorption of Curcumin, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin C.

Daily dosage is just 2 capsules. One box lasts one month.