Oyster Calcium

Oyster Calcium

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60 Capsules

Organic Source of Calcium from Irish Oyster Shells


Organic calcium from oyster shells grown off the Atlantic coast of Ireland

Oyster  Calcium is a pure supplement. It contains only calcium derived from oyster shells grown in the clear waters off the Atlantic coast of Ireland. It is vital for bone health as well as correct muscular and neurological functioning and is important post menopause. We must maintain a constant level of calcium in our blood to function properly. It is stored in the bones and teeth but we also secrete it daily as it is used in many processes in the body. If we don’t have an adequate intake of it our body will remove it from our bones and teeth leading to reduced bone density and the risk of conditions associated with that (osteoporosis). Daily intake may help prevent this from happening.

There are different types of Vitamin D but Vitamin D3, the kind we make from the sun, is essential for normal calcium absorption. Because many people have an indoor lifestyle nowadays it is essential to ensure sufficient D3 for the correct absorption of calcium. Oyster Calcium has a high dose of good quality D3 to ensure your levels are topped up whatever your lifestyle. The natural source, oyster shells, has been tested for all heavy metals to ensure you only get the purest, the most natural product on the market with added Vitamin D3 to aid absorption. Stronger bones, naturally.


Organic source of calcium.
Promotes strong healthy bones, teeth and nails.
Helps raise resistance to infection.
Essential for correct neurological functioning.
Essential during menopause.
Can help control high levels magnesium, phosphorous, potassium.
Can help with symptoms related to menstrual cycle.
Works synergistically with D3 to aid uptake.
Can help regulate blood pressure.
Produced in Ireland from Irish Oyster Shell.

For optimum effectiveness take with vitamin K2