CMS Eye Wash Saline Pods 20ml

Eye Wash Saline Pods 20ml

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This eye wash solution comes in handy 20ml pods and is for external use only. It is designed to clean the surface of the eye while removing any dangerous chemicals or any dirt or grime that is irritating the eye. This eye wash solution should not be injected and only used once.

This eye wash solution is perfect for the home, business, travel and leisure activities. It provides and easy, effective way of cleaning the eyes and stopping irritations.

More information on Eye Wash Solution:

  • 0.9% saline (sodium chloride) solution is ideal for eye washing applications

  • Easy to squeeze, soft plastic pods (20ml) – single use only

  • Simple and effective way to comply with HSE requirements

  • Suitable for non emergency use and washing wounds

  • Please note: Eye wash bottles are single use only – once opened they cannot be resealed