Crystal Dream – Natural Sleep Assistant

Crystal Dream – Natural Sleep Assistant

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60 Tablets per Bottle

The First True Natural Sleep Assistant

If you are suffering from insomnia and cannot sleep through the night our Crystal Dream may help you. Made in Norway especially for the Irish market. The main reasons for sleeplessness are: over-excitement, too much tension accumulated during the day, and too much build up of energy, but also if you are exposed to chronic stress or have too many troublesome thoughts dwelling in your head at night time. Remember – the recommended average night’s sleep is estimated at seven hours. Is that what you are getting?

You may twist and turn for a long time before you may find yourself asleep – if at all. You may look at the clock and it will stress you out even more when you realise you will not have enough sleep – again. In consequence the next day getting up can be difficult and you may suffer, feel sluggish, and you may gradually feel worse should the conditions persist. Unfortunately, the effects of a sleepless night may also cause weight gain, irritability, and susceptibility to illness.

Enter Crystal Dream™ – the first true natural dream-assistant, completely free from harmful pharmaceuticals and hormones which could leave you feeling hung-over and may have negative health benefits if used regularly over time. Stress is a term describing environmental factors and stimuli that can cause psychological and physical reactions in humans of all ages.

The complaints due to chronic stress are various and range from tiredness, muscle tension, sleep disturbance up to psychological effects, like concentration, discontentment, depressive state, feeling of being over strained in occupational and everyday life. Chronic stress represents a risk factor for disease development, thus it is important to reduce your stress during the day – in addition, a restless night will often make the symptoms worse. Sleep is essential to combat everyday stress and promote optimal health.

Crystal Dream™ will come to the rescue with its new and unique formulation of patented, studied and active ingredients. The effect of this proprietary blend is further enhanced by using Pharmasorb™ technology for enhancing bio-availability. Each tablet will provide a unique blend of patented and documented ingredients such as milk peptides, lemon balm, arctic root, hops, oats and chamomile.

Crystal Dream™ Better Sleep Guide

In addition to taking Crystal Dream™ prior to going to bed, here is some helpful advice. Try these morning routines:

  • Try to get up at the same time every morning
  • Have a healthy breakfast with one beverage of juice, tea or coffee if desired Daytime routines
  • Take a power nap if needed, but maximum 30 minutes
  • Eat balanced meals for optimum nutrition
  • Be physical – be active for at least 30 minutes a day
  • Limit or avoid fast carbs, sugar, sweets and other unhealthy snacks Evening and night time routines
  • Have a light meal no later than two hours before bed
  • Do not consume coffee, tea, soft drinks or alcohol or cigarettes
  • Doing sports and exercises late in the  evening may prevent you from sleeping
  • As mobile phones, PCs, tablets and TVs stimulate the brain making it hard to sleep, turn them of at least one hour before going to bed. Place them out of reach of the bed.
  • Don’t allow pets in the bedroom!
  • Do not look at your mobile phone or alarm clock if you cannot sleep.

The Benefits of Crystal Dream™

  •  Improve sleep duration
  •  Improve sleep efficiency
  •  Decreases sleep troubles and disturbances
  •  Improves daytime function · Reduces stress and anxiety
  •  Non drowsy and non addictive · Is not sedative
  •  Suitable for all ages · Crystal Dream™ is completely natural, and therefore totally harmless.
  •  Using Crystal Dream™ you may sleep longer and better, which will energise you to tackle the next day’s duties and problems better.

Directions for use:

Take 2 tablets 30 minutes before bedtime.

Ingredients per 2 tablets include Lemon balm 250mg Active milk peptides 125mg Arctic root 100 mg Hop 50mg Oat extract 50mg Chamomile 50mg Crystal Dream™ – with Pharmasorb™ technology for better and faster results. Pharmasorb™ technology – a developed technology for enhancing the bio-availability and permeability of neutraceuticals.