CMS Zinc Oxide  Sports Tape (tearable) 10M

Zinc Oxide Sports Tape (tearable) 10M

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This Zinc Oxide tearable tape has been developed by sports medicine experts for ankle, knee, shoulder and wrist tape jobs. Because it is easy to tear by hand, elite level soccer players often use zinc oxide tape to keep shin guards in place. Because of its high quality manufacture, it comes off the roll smoothly and conforms easily to the body part that is being taped. It sticks securely to skin or on top of pre tape under-wrap. Also ideal for use as binding on handles of cricket bats, tennis racquets and hockey sticks.

What are the benefits of Zinc Oxide Tearable Tape?

Zinc oxide tearable tape conforms to the area to which it is applied making it far less bulky and lighter weight than a brace, which is why it is so popular with sports people and physiotherapists. Tape also allows for different methods to be used to offer targeted support to specific ligaments or tendons within a joint.

This means that the joint can have a certain range of movement allowing faster recovery from injury, and the ability to continue activity.