When to choose HEAT and when to choose COLD Therapy?

Heat and cold therapy are often recommended to help relieve an aching pain that results from muscle or joint damage.


Heat Therapy

Heat therapy products such as CMS Muscle Rub or CMS Wintergreen Heat Spray, have a warming effect that boosts circulation, brings additional blood to the affected area, which brings vital oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and helps them more freely, aiding the recovery and regeneration of injured tissues.

These products are great for muscular aches, pains, stiffness in areas such as the back or neck.


Cold Therapy

 Products such as CMS Supercool Freeze Spray and CMS Supercool Freeze Gel, cause the blood vessels to constrict and this helps to minimise the amount of damage in the area by reducing inflammation and stopping it from spreading.


Use these to treat joint pains or muscles injuries.



What is best for back pain?

The best way to treat back problems is with Heat muscle rubs or heat patches. Back pain is one of the most common injuries and ailments, as there are so many different ways in which it can occur. Back pain can affect a large area of the body as it can cause tightness in associated muscles and make walking or general daily activities difficult. Heat therapy can help soothe the tightness so symptoms are less global and activities of daily living become easier.

For some it is a genetic condition, for others it is muscular, but applying a steady amount of heat to the affected area can relieve the aching and improve movement, in the case of heat patches, they can provide constant relief throughout the day as the supply of heat can ease pain for up to 16 hours.