Inhalers for cold. How do they work?

Our CMS Inhaler is a nasal stick that contains a unique blend of natural oils, including Eucalyptus Oil, Peppermint Oil, Cajuput Oil, Menthol, Juniper Berry Oil and Clove Oil.  They give off vapours that have a cooling and decongestant effect in the lining of the nose when you breathe them in. This makes it easier to breathe through your nose.

It can be used as frequently as needed.

Nasal Inhalers are perfect on the go, anywhere you are, for quick help and relief of the blocked nose.

It is worth noting that the actual steam inhalation will also bring relief, so when at home it is definitely worth a try, while struggling with the symptoms of cold. Try adding different oils to the hot water. here is the list of oils you can use:

Eucalyptus oil  (for ease breathing)

Tea tree oil   (Antiseptic, antibacterial)

Lavender oil (Relieve symptoms from sinus pain such as stress, headaches, and sleeping disorders)

Peppermint oil  (Especially for headaches)


You can also try our CMS Herbal Inhalant Oil to help soothe and relax your body and muscles. 

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